Blue ice castle in a tropical setting

Blue ice castle in a tropical setting

Khairina, 9-years-old, To have a playhouse.



Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

To have a playhouse

On this auspicious day of Deepavali 2016, the Make-A-Wish Malaysia team set out to grant a one-of-a-kind wish for Khairina.

At dawn, us volunteers made our way to Khairina’s home in Temerloh, Pahang. We were going to build a ‘Frozen’ themed playhouse to grant Khairina’s wish. Volunteers were so exciting to play ‘Handy Manny’ and ‘Bob the Builder’! The first sight to greet us upon arrival was an anxious Khairina who was eager to find out what her special day entailed.

Our team of volunteers split into two groups; builders and tour guides. As tour guides, we were tasked to distract Khairina while the house was being built, starting with a scrumptious breakfast of ‘roti canai’ and ‘nasi lemak’ at Khairina’s favourite local stall.

It was a ride that got Khairina a little worried as we were headed to Kuala Lumpur – the direction of her regular doctor’s appointment. What a joy and surprise it was to see her face light up when we arrived at the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. There we had an inspiring and passionate veterinarian, Azmira who took us on a jolly walk to get to know the elephants. Khairina almost flew off her feet when the elephants tried to eat from her hands. Little did we know that in less than an hour, this timid girl had become an elephant whisperer, fond of the baby elephant called Lanjang. It was such an awe-inspiring moment to everyone when we saw this girl blossom into someone brave and ready to take things head on.

All good things must come to an end they say. In this case, it was to make way for something better. We received a call from the team of “builders” at home base informing us that the house was almost completed.

Approaching the house, we requested to blindfold Khairina, which she excitedly agreed to because she knew there was a big surprise coming. When we arrived, it was a merry moment as Khairina was guided through a host of family members and volunteers to her big reveal. What a beautiful sight it was to see her hold back tears when she saw the Frozen Castle that awaited her. It was not long before the rest of the world was forgotten and Khairina stepped into her very own castle and pool. She spent time showing her family around her new ‘home’ and even declared that she was moving in that night. She did not speak much, just showing, pointing and smiling, but her facial expression spoke loud and clear.

Mission Accomplished!

Thank you to The Reach Group for sponsoring this wish and to Adi & Aida Carpentry for transforming Khairina’s design into reality.

Volunteers : Gwean, Deborah, Suri, Nancy, Elizabeth, Sham & Irene

Written by Deborah Anne John

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