Breaking Fast with Na’im

Breaking Fast with Na’im

Na’im , one of the most romantic recipients of Make-A-Wish Malaysia so far.



Acute Myeloblastic Leukaemia

To have an iPhone

Na’im has to be one of the most romantic recipients of Make-A-Wish Malaysia so far. Diagnosed with Acute Myeloblastic Leukaemia in August 2015, Na’im has since undergone rounds of chemotherapy and it was finally concluded after 10 months.

His wish day started with breaking fast at DoubleTree Hilton Kuala Lumpur when Na’im, his mother, siblings and aunt arrived towards the evening and was greeted by our team of volunteers. They were very tentative when they entered the lobby but as soon as they were seated at their table, they started to warm up and explored the restaurant together as a family. Finally, it was evident they enjoyed themselves at the buffet with a wide spread of cuisines comprising of traditional Malay, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and Middle Eastern food. Na’im’s favorite? Traditional Malay food.  After dinner, we had a little surprise for his mother as Na’im had informed us that his wish day falls on his mother’s birthday.  He came prepared with a huge number 46 candle to be decorated on the pandan cake – his mother’s favourite, that we managed to order. It was a sweet moment watching the family bond as the mother went around feeding her children with her birthday cake. 

After dinner, the family headed down to the lounge area for the wish granting. We created a little challenge for Na’im as we have prepared a crossword puzzle for him and his family to complete before being able to receive his gift. It was a fun moment watching Na’im and his sibling’s debate over what the answers were and in 5 minutes, they managed to complete the 8-clue crossword puzzle. The second challenge was for the siblings to go treasure hunting for the gifts. This was another memorable moment for the family.  Even his elderly aunt was seen scurrying around the lounge area to search for the gifts within the 5 minutes’ time frame given.  You would not guess who finally found the gift – the Aunt!! 

The rest of the evening was filled with more smiles and lots of joyful tears. Na’im had the biggest smile I have seen when he put his hand in the bag and pulled out a brand-new iPhone. To his surprise, what came next was his customized rose-designed phone cover, which is why he is coveted as the most romantic recipient of Make-A-Wish Malaysia thus far. Na’im also received a number of activity books to keep him occupied as he loves home decorating and fashion design. It was clear that the evening ended with so many happy memories and unforgettable moments, that will continue to linger for long while.

Thank you to the Reach Group for making this wish possible for Na’im.

Wish granters : Derrick, Shakirah and Sham

Written by Derrick Dass

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