Building Happy Memories with Lego

Receiving his dream gift of the Lego Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator brought a smile back to Wan Adham's face!

Age: 8 (2020)

Illness: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Wish: To have the Lego Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator

Wish Day: 30th May 2020

Wan Adham started feeling pains in his joints in early 2019, and what initially seemed like an innocent accident in school quickly turned into a nightmare for him and his parents. Just days later, his knees swelled up and he was in immense pain. He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in April.

Four phases of gruelling chemotherapy treatments were difficult for him to bear. Wan Adham became very reserved and was not able to express his feelings. Furthermore, his mild dyslexia made it difficult to focus on any activities. As a side effect of the chemotherapy, by November, his eyesight had deteriorated, making hospital visits all the more daunting.

Wan Adham was referred to Make-A-Wish Malaysia in February 2020, and he expressed to us his wish to have the Lego Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator. He has been an ardent Lego enthusiast since young, and according to his mom, Lego was the only thing that could keep him engaged for long spans of time. Though it had already been taken off-shelf in most stores, our volunteers went the extra mile to obtain the specific set for him.

Looking forward to Wish Day gave Wan Adham renewed hope. His temperament began to mellow down and it became easier to interact with him. On the Wish Day itself, Wan Adham was excited to see his Lego-themed cake and was over the moon when he finally unwrapped his long-awaited gift.

With this, we hope the family will be able to look beyond Wan Adham's illness and continue making amazing new memories to share with one another!