Fathul, the next Masterchef!

Fathul, the next Masterchef!

Fathul, 8-years-old, To have a miniature kitchen set.



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To have a miniature kitchen set

It was a beautiful morning on 10th September 2016 when a smiling, but shy Fathul greeted us at her home in Malacca all prepped and ready for the day. Fathul and her sister both wore matching blue dresses with Fathul donning a pink headband and a matching bow. They both looked so adorable!

We then headed off to Kolej Komuniti Bukit Beruang for a hands-on potato bun workshop, where Fathul got to work in a professional kitchen. In no time she was cracking eggs like a pro, adding ingredients and even piped pastry cream to the buns before moving her baking into the oven.

The highlight was definitely when both sisters looked so excited to see the dough doubling in size and then punched down the dough. Fathul was presented with a certificate of participation at the end of the session and is now a certified potato bun baker!

Upon arriving home, her personal miniature kitchen was all set up, decorated with pink butterflies and balloons, with an assortment of “food” and “fruit baskets”. Fathul was so excited to start playing and soon she was cutting tomatoes, serving tea and creating special masterchef desserts!

Fathul’s café is now open and ready for business!

Make-A-Wish Malaysia would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Iain Gray for sponsoring Fathul’s wish and Kolej Komuniti Bukit Beruang for your wonderful support in making Fathul’s wish come true.

Wish granters : Vivian, Nisa, Nafieq and Hamizah

Written by : Hamizah Hamzah

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