Rayyan Revs Into Action

Rayyan Revs Into Action

Rayyan, 4-years-old, To have a miniature white car.



Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

To have a miniature white car

Small in stature but brimming with energy, little Rayyan, who was diagnosed with leukaemia in late 2015, wished to be driven around town in a big white car. So we made that a reality!

On his Wish day, Rayyan, accompanied by his family were chauffeured to a cafe where his table was marked with handfuls of helium balloons – the first source of fun for Rayyan and his siblings.

After enjoying some cakes and time in the play pen, Rayyan was given his first gift – his very own child-sized white BMW! Vroom-vroom! Bouncing about, Rayyan gave us a shy but earnest ‘terima kasih’ and immediately jumped in to test out his ride. He even took off his ‘doctor’ mask to give us a cool and genuine smile as he sat in his new car.

Next on the agenda was a play session at BeeBop Circus. For a full hour, the teachers brought Rayyan and his sister through an exciting obstacle course, played different games, perused the miniature supermarket for their make-believe household, and taught them many songs along the way. It was thrilling to hear Rayyan sing along at the top of his voice – a sign that he was enjoying himself thoroughly.

The active part of the day had come to an end but the wish had not. Taking Rayyan and his family to dinner at Serai in Jaya Shopping Centre was a celebrity-worthy white Chrysler Limousine whose doors were open and ready for an awe-struck Rayyan. The whole family jumped in and we could see Rayyan making the most of the length of the car by sliding from one end to another. This time, his ‘terima kasih’ was a little louder and a little more confident.

When volunteers bid farewell to little Rayyan, he was still buzzing from his super-charged day out.

Make-A-Wish Malaysia would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the REACH group, Extreme Limousines & Tours Sdn Bhd, and Beebop Circus for your wonderful support in making Rayyan’s wish come true.

Wish granters : Vivian, Amira, Quin, Julia
Written by : Julia Jamil

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