Stripes of Joy

Nasiha, a bubbly 12-year-old battling melanoma with high spirits, just wanted to see a tiger. As simple as that.

Age: 12 (2019)

Illness: Melanoma

Wish: To see tigers

Wish Day: 16-17th June 2019

Meeting smiling, bubbly, nature-loving Nasiha was a pleasure. Battling Melanoma with such high spirits, she inspired us to create not just one, but two Wish Days exclusively for her. This was one girl we were not just going to take to the Zoo, we thought.

Day one was spent at the Sunway Wildlife Park where Nasiha was thrilled to bits to see the special white tiger family, Samson, Asha, and their daughter Elsa. She had endless questions to ask the Rangers as she was wheeled around the park afterwards to enjoy the bird show, Petting Zoo, and Cat Cafe.

On day two, dressed in her new tiger tee and hat, Nasiha and her family met us at the WWF office where they enjoyed a private screening of conservation documentaries produced by The Tiger Team. She also met the amazing crew of the Tiger Team in person and was excited to find out that they were the ones in the documentaries! Nasiha won their hearts just as she did ours, with her maturity, knowledge, and boundless enthusiasm.

To end the visit on a high note, WWF arranged for a symbolic adoption where Nasiha received a certificate and a plush tiger whom she immediately named Mimi. She was also presented with a unique souvenir - a glass-encased plaster paw print from a tiger the team saved from poaching 17 years ago. Nasiha’s joyful smile upon receiving this gift is a memory that will be imprinted in our hearts many years to come.