The Simplest Pleasures Are Often the Most Memorable

The Simplest Pleasures Are Often the Most Memorable

Iqbal, 6-years-old, To have a 3D movie experience.



Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

To have a 3D movie experience

At just 6 years old and diagnosed with leukaemia, Iqbal is an inquisitive and brave young boy. For his Wish Day, Iqbal didn’t ask for some extravagant party or fancy electronic device, he simply wanted to spend the day with his family outside their hometown, Tanjung Karang. With that in mind, Make-A-Wish Malaysia arranged to bring Iqbal and his family down to Kuala Lumpur for a day at the Petrosains Discovery Centre in PETRONAS Twin Towers.

Upon arrival, Iqbal and his younger brother Irfan moved around the Discovery Centre with rapid excitement, touching, controlling, manoeuvring, experimenting… getting the full “hands on” experience. Having dreams of perhaps being an astronaut, Iqbal was captivated by the Space portion of the Discovery Centre, where he got to experience hurricane force winds from the surface of Jupiter, control the movements of a Mars Rover, and see what life is like living at the International Space Station.

But of course, that was not all…whether solving puzzles in the Sparkz Zone, testing the strength of his throwing arm in the Speed area, learning about a working oil rig, or just enjoying some time sitting down to do some sketching, Iqbal dove right in with both hands with a desire to experience all that he could. But more than anything, Iqbal wanted to see a 3D movie. So as if it were planned, the last stop at Petrosains was their 3D movie theater!!

Now, after a few hours of inspiration at Petrosains, a normal person might be tired…but not Iqbal. Iqbal and his brother were chasing each other around with their helium filled balloons, laughing and enjoying themselves as only a young child can. It could be said they had more fun playing with balloons than their expedition to the discovery centre.

And that’s what the “Magic of a Wish” is all about. Iqbal was able to be a normal 6-year-old again, even if just for one day. He didn’t have to think about taking medication, or when his next doctor’s visit would be. All he was thinking about was “how high can I get this balloon without losing my grip on it?” With that kind of energy and simple raw enthusiasm, Iqbal proved to be an inspiration to us all.

Make-A-Wish Malaysia would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Sekolah Sri Bestari and the committee of Rise ‘N’ Run for your wonderful support in making Iqbal’s wish come true.

Wish granters : Vivian, Andrew, Su Chin, Yan Xiang
Written by : Andrew DeFonzo

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