To own a Play Station 4

Rayyan is a creative and fun boy. He thoroughly enjoyed his wish, embracing his role as a model in the 3D Art Museum

Name: Rayyan

Age: 7

Illness: Osteosarcoma

Wish: To own a Play Station 4

It was a full day of fun and games for Rayyan and his family - including his sister and cousins whom he is very close to - before the big reveal of his wish that evening. This Wish Day, sponsored by La Marche, began at Dataran Pahlawan Megamall Melaka’s 3D Art Museum where he explored each and every display accompanied by volunteers Shen Yee, Amelia and Carol.

Rayyan is diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a cancerous tumour in the bone of his leg, which requires him to depend on a wheelchair most of the time to move around. During this outing, he left his chair every now and then to slowly make his way to take a closer look at the colourful 3D displays and strike a pose with his sister and cousins. The children were seen thoroughly enjoying each art piece and lots of pictures were taken of them spotting big smiles and cheeky poses.

Still reeling from the excitement of exploring the 3D museum, the family proceeded to catch a Virtual Reality Video screening together before heading for their buka puasa dinner at Secret Recipe where they enjoyed a scrumptious meal. For dessert, Rayyan had a slice of the outlet’s signature Chocolate Indulgence cake, which reminded him very much of his favourite chocolate ice cream dessert.

At the end of that day, he was presented with a Play Station 4 which he had been coveting for some time now. Rayyan beamed with joy the moment he completed unwrapping the gift and discovered what was inside, amidst the oohing and aahing of his siblings and cousins, who too did not leave empty handed.